Multi-family Asset Class

Midwest Realty Advisors achieves market-leading asset performance by consistently delivering quality on a daily basis. This is possible through comprehensive management expertise, innovative thinking and effective strategic planning for the long term.  Whether the asset needs major rehabilitation and repositioning, or is a well-established property in need of consistent upward rent growth, Midwest Realty Advisors has the experience to deliver results.


Midwest Realty Advisors also provides asset management for single-family residential properties. We manage properties for clients with multiple single-family dwellings as well as assisting individual homeowners in finding renters and maintaining their homes while they are living elsewhere.


Great Lakes Realy, Inc is the proud owner of a RE/MAX franchise servicing Northeast Ohio.  Being smart, driven real estate professionals, adding the number one name in residential real estate sales to the Great Lakes/Midwest portfolio provided incredible additional business opportunities to the firm.

"Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX!"